Saturday, February 12, 2011

Movies/shows to Trip to.

Hey, I just thought I'd make a list of the best movies and shows (in my opinion) to watch while you trip to:
Heavy Metal
Fritz the Cat
The Big Lebowski
Aeon Flux
Fear and Loathing
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Alice in Wonderland (animated Disney version)
Ren & Stimpy

Enter the Void
Requiem for a Dream
The Wall 
Tom goes to the Mayor
Eraserhead (but be warned, not for the faint of heart) 
2001: A Space Odyssey
A Scanner Darkly

Friday, February 11, 2011

Latest Salvia Experience

     I recently decided to give Salvia another shot, as the first and only time I've tried it was in an improper setting, around the wrong people, and done the wrong way. I bought a sampler pack from this place that bouncingbear referred to (because they don't carry salvia anymore) containing a gram of 5x, 10x, and 20x extracts, and a half ounce of dry foliage. I rather overexcitedly smoked a bowl of the 10x as soon as it got here. I was out of mj and had not smoked any since I woke up so the experience was a little harsh and caught me off guard. I felt some great spiritual presence telling me "this is for them" (I was listening to latin flavored music at the time). I felt like I had intruded, but I felt that despite its briefness and not being a "breakthrough" that I learned something useful. Just now I rolled a spliff with tobacco, mj, mugwort, and some of the 10x extract, and it gave me a very nice threshold dose with the world outside of my back porch and its inhabitants taking on a strange curvature. Very meditative, and very tasty. I don't know how many people actually like the taste of sage smoke, but I sometimes roll mugwort/tobacco cigarettes and on occasion smoke a pure mugwort one before bed for lucid dreaming.

A Chesire Cat

      For anyone that has ever had the pleasure of trying psychedelics you know the feeling. That feeling of pleasure, accompanied by insanity. You delve out into unfamiliar territory.  For what? What is it that makes you crave that out of body experience? Or that connection with the trees?  Some would call you a punk, a waste of potential, or a loser. Know what I call you? I call you a psychonaut. A person that dares to go places only a small fraction of people go. A state of mind that takes normal people years of dedicated meditation, you achieve in only a few minutes.
     I have created this blog as an outlet to both my past experiences and my future experiences, and as a place of learning and understanding. And maybe sometimes just my thoughts on the universe.